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Workflow – Add users to People Picker

You may wish to update a list of individuals in a SharePoint People Picker field for a number of reasons including filtering a View based on the users in this field. This is basically performed through string manipulation and in the example shown below we will update the list of viewers for a list item within a workflow step. The entire process is shown in the figure below and then broken out in separate steps (These steps apply to the multiple value People Picker field – to assign a single value people picker field is much simpler and involves setting the field to the login name)

201-1Get the current list of viewers of the list item

We first need to get the current list of viewers of the list item into a workflow variable. To do this we set the Workflow Variable to the User ID’s of the multiple value People Picker field. In our case we use the People Picker field that is called ‘Viewers’


Get the user login ID

The next step is to add the login ID of the user who modified the list item to the list of current viewers. Here we reuse the the Workflow Variable ‘String01’ and add the User ID Number of the person who modified the list. Note the comma between the value shown below and that it makes no difference if the User ID already appears in the viewer list as SharePoint will ignore the duplicates


We now have a comma separated list of User ID’s stored in the Workflow Variable ‘String01’

Define the prefix of the final People Picker string

This step stores the first part of the multiple value People Picker string in the variable ‘String02’. This value is exactly



Define the suffix of the final People Picker string

The last part of the people picker string is stored in the Workflow Variable ‘String03’ (This cannot be done during the final construction of the string since it will generate an error). The value is set to:



Combine the temporary variables to formulate the final viewer list

We now combine the elements of the People Picker string into a final string that we will use to update the list of viewers. Once again we reuse the ‘String01’ for this purpose. Note that these strings are not separated by any characters.


After this step the ‘String01′ should look something like the following but with different ID’s in the body (the value ’22’ is duplicated here to underscore the fact that duplicate ID’s will not cause an error):


Update the list item with the new viewer list

Now overwrite the viewer list with the list that you have constructed into ‘String01’


The list of viewers now contains the user who has just modified the form. We then log the final list of viewers to help with troubleshooting (Unlike the code shown here, it is better to show the ‘Log’ statement before the update)

Create a view that filters with the ‘[Me]’ option

In SharePoint we then modify the view of the current item to only display the list items when the ‘Viewers’ equal [Me]. Note that here we use ‘is equal to’ instead of ‘contains’. This view will only display the items when the Viewers field contains the ID of the individual who is currently accessing the view