About This Site

MeThis website is intended to help the new SharePoint and InfoPath developer with the un-obvious, and as such it is not intended as a beginners guide – rather a reference for solutions to some more obscure problems that developers encounter from time to time

During the course of my SharePoint and InfoPath journey I have come across many gotchas that required much research and trial and error testing. Most of the solutions were couched in visual studio code or obscure references hidden away – difficult for the non coder to implement. In this blog I provide codeless solutions to some of these problems

I owe a debt of gratitude to all the developers whose work ends up in one way or another on these pages, and while I have tried to provide credit where credit is due, all too often I have forgotten where I discovered a solution. In this instances I apologize for not recognizing the contributions of the pathfinders

Rhett Thompson

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